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Car rental services in Dubai

Rent a Car Dubai | Economy and Luxury Car Rental UAE

Cheap Car Rental AED 55/Day | Hire car UAE

Rent car cheap price in Dubai - for those who choose to save on cost and fuel. For many travelers, renting an inexpensive car is the ideal way to get around in an unfamiliar city. However, many people care about the high cost of rent and fuel costs. If you plan rare trips and do not need a lot of options, you can rent an inexpensive car with a minimum set of functions. For example, if you dont need a navigation system or leather seats, choose the base model. This will save you money on renting a car. Also, it is worth paying attention to the size of the car. The smaller the car, the lower the fuel consumption.

Cheap car rental Dubai is a great way to save both on cost and fuel. Choose a car with a minimum set of options and economical fuel consumption. This way you can enjoy your rare trips without spending large amounts of money.

Mazda 6 2023 Red
From 110 to 180 AED
Mazda 3 2021 Dark-blue
From 110 to 160 AED
Suzuki Ciaz 2023 Grey
From 70 to 100 AED
Hyundai Elantra 2023 Blue
From 95 to 140 AED
Kia K5 2023 Black
From 130 to 180 AED
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Rent Crossover

A crossover is a car that combines the features of a sport utility vehicle and a comfortable sedan. It is characterized by high ground clearance, large interior space and good cross-country ability. Rent a crossover in Dubai in a couple of clicks on our website.
Mitsubishi ASX 2023 White
From 110 to 150 AED
Mazda CX5 2023 Dark-blue
From 150 to 230 AED
Mazda CX5 2023 Red
From 150 to 230 AED
Hyundai Venue 2020 Cherry
From 90 to 140 AED
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SUV Rental , Rеnt 4x4 SUV UAE

When traveling to UAE and wanting to explore different places, renting an SUV becomes the most convenient option to fulfill the plans. SUV stands for sport utility vehicle and is very popular in Dubai. These vehicles are spacious, comfortable and powerful, ready to take you to wherever you go, ensuring safety and comfort. We are ready to help you with SUV rental in Dubai, and here are the options we have to offer:
GMC Denali 2024 Black
From 539 to 660 AED
RangeRover Sport-SVR 2023 White
From 1100 to 1400 AED
Nissan Xterra 2023 Cherry
From 185 to 295 AED
Chevrolet Tahoe 2021 White
From 500 to 550 AED
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Rent Convertible Car

Rent Convertible car in Dubai is available from 1 day - get real pleasure from a trip by car, which is considered a symbol of freedom and luxury all over the world. Enjoy a trip with a maximum view of this modern metropolis filled with architectural delights. City streets, public beaches, wild desert - a convertible will look elegant everywhere.

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Rent Electric Car

Dubai is a city of luxury, modern technology and innovation. It always strives to be one step ahead, especially when it comes to environmental issues. One indicator of this is the spread of electric car rentals in the UAE.
BMW XM 2023 Green
BMW XM 2023 Green
From 1350 to 1800 AED
BMW XM 2023 Black
BMW XM 2023 Black
From 1350 to 1800 AED
Ford Mustang-Mach-E 2023 Black
From 320 to 500 AED
Mercedes EQS-53-AMG 2023 Grey
From 870 to 1100 AED
Ford Mustang-Mach-E 2022 Brown
From 320 to 500 AED
Tesla Model-Y 2022 White
From 550 to 650 AED
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Rent Luxury Cars

If you are looking to rent a luxury car in Dubai, check out Dubai-cars.rent. A great place to rent a premium car. Our fleet can offer a wide range of premium cars up to exotic models, get - unforgettable experience of comfortable driving.

Luxury car rentals in Dubai

Bentley Bentayga 2022 Black
From 1800 to 2250 AED
BMW 330i 2021 Black
From 250 to 450 AED
Maserati Levante 2020 Grey
From 600 to 850 AED
Mercedes GLE-53-AMG 2024 Grey
From 841 to 1170 AED
Mercedes GLE-450 2024 Grey
From 635 to 900 AED
Lamborghini Urus 2020 Black
From 2000 to 3100 AED
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Sports Car Rental | Rent Supercar

Sports Car Rental in Dubai is traveling in style. Imagine: you are in a magical city where luxury and speed are combined in perfect balance. Yes, this is Dubai - a place where dreams come true, especially if you decide to rent a sports car. Lets take a look at the benefits offered by renting a sports car in this amazing city, choosing a car to your taste and taking into account the characteristics.
Lamborghini Evo-Spyder 2021 Green
From 2200 to 3400 AED
Lamborghini Evo-Spyder 2023 Grey
From 2400 to 3600 AED
Ferrari F8-Tributo 2023 Blue
From 2400 to 3690 AED
Ferrari F8-Tributo 2022 Yellow
From 2400 to 3690 AED
Lamborghini Evo-Spyder 2023 Black
From 2400 to 3600 AED
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Seven-seater car rental

Seven-seater car rental in Dubai is possible with advance booking. Enjoy a comfortable trip with your family, travel together with friends. Optimal option of renting a car with a spacious cabin with sufficient luggage compartment for things and sports equipment.
Suzuki Ertiga 2023 White
From 130 to 190 AED
Kia Carens 2023 Black
From 130 to 200 AED
Chevrolet Captiva 2023 Black
From 120 to 180 AED
Hyundai Staria 2023 White
From 235 to 500 AED
Mercedes GLB-250 2022 Grey
From 300 to 450 AED
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